Rapid City wants to institute annual rate increases for garbage collection | Local



A garbage truck picks up trash in Rapid City. Rapid City Council will review financial and pricing policies for the solid waste service, as well as a resolution amending the fees.

Grace Pritchett, Journal staff

Residents of Rapid City could see annual increases of $ 2 for garbage collection if city council approves a plan presented to them by the public works department.

Rapid City Council heard the resolution to change the fees that would come into effect on August 1 during their working session on Wednesday. The resolution comes after a May 12 presentation on the solid waste master plan.

The ccurrent curbside collection fees for a 65 gallon container is $ 16.91 while a 95 gallon container is $ 18.76. If the resolution is approved, the rates would increase to $ 19.83 and $ 21.68, respectively. For those with 35-gallon containers, the rate would drop from $ 14.99 to $ 17.99, and a 300-gallon container rate would drop from $ 46.84 to $ 49.84.

After 2021, the price for each container would increase by $ 2 each year.

Landfill rates would also increase for mixed waste, construction debris, chippings and sump screens, asphalt / wood shingles and ash, all per tonne. Mixed waste would drop from $ 59 to $ 61, then drop to $ 63 in 2023. All would drop from $ 59 per tonne to $ 61 on August 1, then to $ 63 in 2023.

Stacey Titus, Operations Management Engineer at Public Works, also presented the financial and pricing policies of the solid waste management company. The policies would cover reserve funds, debt issuance and management, operating budget balancing, capital policies and procedures, and rate and charge setting.



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