Province to limit annual rate increases for Manitoba Hydro



Legislative changes will be introduced this fall to set interim rates for Manitoba Hydro and limit annual rate increases to 2.5% for 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The proposed 2.5 percent tariff increase that will take effect each December will be about 25 percent lower than the average annual increase over the past ten years. The province says the increase would represent an annual increase of about $ 35 in the average residential rate.

“Our government is proposing a modest 2.5% increase, the smallest increase in electricity rates in 10 years,” Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton said. “Manitobans deserve a financial break during this pandemic and that is why we are keeping rates among the lowest in North America. “

The government intends to amend Bill 35 with tariff increases. Bill 35 is the Public Service Taxpayer Protection and Regulatory Reform Act.

The province said these rate increases would be approved by the Legislature to give the Public Utilities Board (PUB) time to implement reforms and allow utilities to prepare for multi-year reviews.

“Bill 35 makes the Régie des services publics stronger and more independent while maintaining its oversight powers and ensuring the transparency of major projects,” said Minister of Finance Scott Fielding.

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